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Garlic Next To Basil on White Board

Is Garlic Good For Muscle Growth?

Garlic is a common ingredient in many dishes but also has properties that make it a highly effective supplement for many people. Garlic is supplemented primarily for fighting viruses and improving heart health, but also has applications for bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts as well. The use of garlic dates back thousands of years to around 2,500 B.C. in ancient Egypt. Cloves of garlic were found in the tomb of Tutankhamen and were likely a large part of the diet…

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Shins Floating in Water in Front of Man in Water

Can You Build Your Shin Muscles?

The shins are a very commonly neglected muscle. While many people invest a large amount of time into developing their calves, training their shins often doesn’t occur to them and isn’t deemed as worthy of the effort needed. The anatomical term for the shins muscle is tibialis anterior. The tibialis anterior can be trained just like any muscle in your body and can cause cause several problems if it is neglected for too long. If you avoid training your…

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Man Running in Nature

Running vs. Sprinting for Bodybuilding?

Cardio and fat loss both play important roles in bodybuilding. In order to sculpt a proportional and chiseled physique, you need to keep your levels of body fat to a minimum. Without low body fat levels, your muscles will not be as defined and you will lose athleticism, have lower testosterone, have lower energy levels, and more. To keep body fat low, there are three main ways to achieve this goal. The first way to keep your body fat…

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