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Man Sleeping on White Bed

Does Your Sleeping Position Affect Muscle Growth?

Building muscle is a common goal among amongst all gym goers and fitness enthusiasts alike. Any habit that can possible leverage the body’s ability to build muscle is usually of interest to anyone who works out. One important component of building muscle and maximizing health is sleep. Sleep is needed by the body but can also determine your levels of hormones, how well you recover from training, how mobile you are, and more. The optimal amount of hours to…

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Shirtless Man Doing Workout Routine at Home

1 Hour At Home Workout Routine With No Equipment

Working out at home is both convenient and effective, as long as you know the right exercises to do and are willing to put in the full amount of effort needed to get the same results as you would from a gym workout. There are a number of challenges to home workouts such as a lack of motivation, less exercises to do with limited equipment, a lack of gym partners, and a less exciting atmosphere than that which a…

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