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Man Sleeping on White Bed

Does Your Sleeping Position Affect Muscle Growth?

Building muscle is a common goal among amongst all gym goers and fitness enthusiasts alike. Any habit that can possible leverage the body’s ability to build muscle is usually of interest to anyone who works out. One important component of building muscle and maximizing health is sleep. Sleep is needed by the body but can also determine your levels of hormones, how well you recover from training, how mobile you are, and more. The optimal amount of hours to…

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Naked Man Relaxing in the Sun with Testes out of Sight

How Sunlight on Testes Can Boost Testosterone

It is understood by most people that sunlight is important. Without spending time under the sun, you become deficient in vitamin D and can experience a large number of adverse effects resulting from this such as depression, anxiety, loss of drive, lower energy levels, low libido, and more. Vitamin D behaves more like a hormone than a vitamin in the body, and is needed for healthy levels of norepinephrine, epinephrine, dopamine, serotonin, and testosterone. Sunlight can have a positive…

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Shirtless Man with a Good Physique Walking Next To a Woman on a Beach

Do Good Physiques Matter to Girls?

Lifting takes a large amount of effort. Building a good physique can often take years to achieve. All this work must be motivated by something. For some guys, this motivation comes from wanting increase their value as a man to women. The logic often is that a better physique equals better chances when trying to get a girl. This logic is partly true but when broken down is not so simple. The relationship between how good your physique and…

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Man Sleeping on Couch

The Optimal Number of Hours To Sleep For Gains

While the training that breaks down muscles is done in the gym, and the calories that repair muscle are made in the kitchen, the actual recovery that builds muscle is done in the bedroom. Without sleep, not only would your gains suffer, but you would also die and function terribly up until that point. The body is capable of going over 50 days without food and over 20 without water but can not function for more than 11 days…

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Shirtless Man Flexing in Lake

Keeping Gains While Traveling

Keeping gains while traveling is a common problem that weightlifters and gym goers are faced with. Often, the motivation to look lean and muscular on vacation is one of the motivating forces for lifting weights but, it can also work as the largest adversary to keeping that state. There are several difficulties to keeping gains while traveling but there also ways to prevent this muscle loss. By keeping these solutions to maintaining your gains while traveling in mind, you…

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Man Walking in Street

Ways To Incorporate Cardio Into Your Routine

When in a caloric deficit, implementing cardio allows you to get away with a higher number of calorie you can consume per day. The problem is, cardio is often difficult and takes time to do. Running on a treadmill and doing jumprope doesn’t provide the same stimulation that lifting weights does. Therefore, cardio is often set aside and not done. The truth is, cardio is great for burning fat and when on a cut it is one of the…

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Neon Sign with Words About Sex

How Sex Affects Men’s Hormones

An often talked about subject is how to maximize your hormonal levels to obtain sex. There are thousands of guides online on how to increase testosterone and seduce the opposite gender but a less talked about subject is how sex impacts your hormones after the deed is done. Sex has an effect on your hormone levels in many ways. It is often stated that sex increases testosterone, which is partly true, but it is frequently overlooked how sex also…

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Shirtless Man with Abs

Should You Fast To Increase HGH?

Fasting and intermittent fasting has become very mainstream in the last decade. Many people report to feel better, build more muscle, look better, lift more, and generally improve their lives just by not eating food for certain amounts of time. One of the explanations for these effects is that fasting supposedly increases human growth hormone (HGH) and thus boosts metabolism, energy, muscle mass, strength and more due to its higher levels. There is a lot of mystery surrounding this…

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Man Relaxing on Hammock

Increase Testosterone By Decreasing Cortisol

One of the quickest ways to increase testosterone as well as improve overall life quality is to reduce stress. Stress is a result of the catabolic hormone cortisol, produced by the adrenal glands. Cortisol is the primary stress hormone and is released to help you deal with stressful situations effectively. Cortisol serves a vital function in the human body however is constantly elevated in modern times to an unhealthy degree. Some of the culprits of these higher amounts of…

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Man Looking Out Window

Bulk, Cut, or Maintain in Lockdown?

In most countries, nightclubs and large gatherings are still banned and in many places, gyms are still closed. Even if gyms are open, there are usually time restrictions and less overall equipment available due to sanitation. Because there is currently not a vaccine or significant reduction in cases, the COVID-19 situation rages on and wether or not you should bulk, cut, or maintain is still relevant. When to bulk Unless, you had previously planned on using this time to…

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