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Crowd at Concert

Finding the Balance Between Lifting and Partying

A common problem among weightlifters, bodybuilders, and athletes is striking the balance between life and the gym. Most people want to enjoy their lives but for those who make their physique and fitness a priority, going out on weekends often means sacrificing calories, sleep, nutrition, optimal hormones, health, time, training, and more. To advocate for fitness, one would discourage partying. However, to advocate for an enjoyable lifestyle, one might stress the need for a social life and a broad…

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Man Calculating Maintenance Calories with Laptop and Pencil

The Most Accurate Approach to Calculate Maintenance Calories

In order to eat effectively for the results you want and know how many calories to bulk or cut on, being able to calculate maintenance calories accurately is essential. Maintenance calories are the number of calories per day at which someone will neither lose nor gain weight. When eating at maintenance, the energy consumed in food is exactly equal to the energy expended daily. This means that if your maintenance calories is 2,500 cals, you are consuming and also…

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Man Training at Gym

The Best Number of Days Per Week To Train

Advice on the best number of days per week to train tends to vary. Some stress the dangers of training too often and emphasize the need for rest days while others believe in hard work and a rigorous no-days-off routine. For most people who go to the gym, life outside of fitness tends to complicate what would be well-structured routines. Many may not have all days of the week available to them or may be frequently faced with how…

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