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Coffee Being Poured into a Mug

Caffeine vs. Guarana for Lifting

Caffeine (from coffee beens) and guarana are both popular natural stimulants included in many pre workouts. Caffeine and guarana are close to the same thing. Caffeine is present in guarana but is usually derived from other sources and is associated with coffee. The caffeine in pre workouts and energy drinks is usually synthetically made while the guarana included is usually an extract of the plant. Guarana is a Brazilian plant with red fruit that grows up to 40 feet…

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Close Up of Jolt Pre-Workout

Jolt Pre-Workout Review (2021)

Jolt pre workout is made by Braniak Labz and stands out as a DMAA-heavy, stimulating pre workout. At a large dose of 100mg of DMAA per serving, there needs to be a disclaimer that this pre workout is not at all ideal for those with any sort of heart condition or health issue that might cause a confliction with this pre workout. Also, DMAA is a banned substance in the United States and is also not allowed by the…

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Plate with High Protein Food such as Chicken

Top 5 High Protein Low-Calorie Foods

When attempting to lose fat and maintain muscle, high protein low-calorie foods are optimal. Even if fat loss isn’t a goal and you merely want to stay lean while building muscle, foods that are high in protein without a calorie requirement are staples of a well-designed meal. A high protein intake is key for both building and maintaining muscle. The body requires protein to perform protein synthesis after training, and without it, results from working out would never be…

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Shirtless Man Jumping into Cold Water

Cold Water and Muscle Recovery

Cold water and muscle recovery has been toted as a synergistic combination for decades. The act of submerging yourself in cold water, also known as cold thermogenesis, is practiced by many people including athletes in ice baths, Wim Hof in his freezing rivers, Tibetan monks in the Himalayan Mountains, and many others with the goal of increasing health and gaining a plethora of supposed benefits. Despite its prevalence in the fitness, health, and life-improvement industries, many studies have come…

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Twelve Eggs on Table

How Eating 12 Eggs a Day Increases Testosterone

The 12 eggs a day approach to increase testosterone is surrounded in controversy. Prominent figures like the Rock have eaten 12 eggs a day for years and multiple website have made claims that eggs are comparable to the anabolic effects of steroids. On the other side, the argument against such an egg-heavy diet is that its excessive and not necessarily proven. This controversy over eggs thus results from the clash between anecdotal evidence, studies, and the vague definition of…

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Man Doing Cardio at a Gym

5 Best Types of Cardio for Weightlifters

Before going in to the what the 5 best types of cardio for weightlifters are, it first needs to be stated why weightlifters should even do cardio. Assuming that as a weightlifter you do not particularly enjoy non-lifting activity such as cardio, why should you do it? To answer this, it now needs to be clarified what kinds of cardio are beneficial to weightlifters and what kinds are not. To many weightlifters cardio may seem like a necessary evil…

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Close Up of Somatomax

Somatomax Supplement Review (2021)

Somatomax is a multi-purpose sleep supplement marketed as a sleep and hormone enhancing blend which will allow you to ride the “new wave of hGH release”. It’s made by hi-tech pharmaceuticals and boasts of a myriad of benefits. The main claims Somatomax makes is that it increases hGH (human growth hormone), improves sex, promotes “feelings of well-being”, and improves the quality of sleep. It is mainly sold as a sleep supplement however contains a broad range of ingredients that…

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Shirtless Man's Back

No-Equipment Back Exercises You Can Do at Home

Contrary to what many believe, there are many back exercises you can do at home without needing equipment that still build muscle and get results. There are a number of exercises for your back that do not require equipment at all. Every muscle in your back can be hit by simply doing the right movement, all you need is a flat surface. All muscles can be hit at home without equipment. Exercises for the chest are slightly more obvious…

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Mat and Dumbbell at Home

How to Stay Motivated to Workout at Home

How to stay motivated to workout at home is a question that’s been asked many times. The key to accomplishment in the gym, and life, can be boiled down to repetition. Go to the gym. Go again. And again. And eventually you will accomplish your goals so long as they are reasonable. Thus, the determining factor in most cases of wether or not you achieve what you set out for is your ability to be consistent over time. Training…

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Close Up of Biceps

Long Head vs. Short Head of the Biceps

There are several important distinctions that need to be made between the long head and the short head of the biceps. These differences are beneficial to understand in order to increase control over how the biceps is trained and how it grows. The biceps, or biceps brachii, is a large flexor muscle composed of two heads, the short head and the long head. These heads are attached by tendons and work together as one muscle, controlling movements of the…

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