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Green Bowl with Pepper, Onion, and Ginger

Why Eating Ginger Can Increase Testosterone

Ginger, or Zingiber officinale, is a tropical plant mainly found in Southeast Asia. Although all of the plant is edible, the root stem of the ginger plant is most commonly eaten and holds all the benefits of consuming ginger. Ginger is one of the most popular natural supplements and has been eaten for tens of thousands of years. The use of ginger as a tonic is recorded as far back as ancient China, where it was taken for lessening…

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Shirtless Man Running Outdoors

How To Cut While Maintaining Muscle and Strength

When on a cut, the largest worry is usually muscle and strength loss. After bulking for months and adding on size, losing all that progress is a formidable prospect. While no one loses all their muscle mass and strength as soon as they start eating below their maintenance calories, some muscle loss and loss of strength is to be expected from remaining in a negative energy balance for an extended period of time. This is because when you are…

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Plate with Food

Top 7 Foods For a Clean Bulk

The three common strategies of eating to improve your physique are bulking, cutting, and maintaining. Bulking is done by eating more calories than the body burns per day to build muscle, cutting is done by eating less calories than you are burning per day to lose fat, and maintaining is done by eating at maintenance calories so you neither gain nor lose weight. There are multiple approaches to bulking. The main ways to bulk that are used are clean…

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Protein Bars on Counter at Gym

Can Eating During Your Workout Help Build Muscle?

What to eat, when to eat, and how much to eat can be a source of confusion for many people. There are many diets that claim to increase your health and energy, and eating advice experts who claim to have all the answers to your individual dietary troubles. From intermittent fasting to no-carb dieting, it can be hard to discern what actually is beneficial to eat and why. The solution to this challenge, as well as to most other…

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Table with a Variety of Fruit

Testosterone Boosting Fruits For Males

High testosterone is often seen as the gateway to gains and glory. For men, high testosterone levels correlate with better results from the gym, a better physique, more drive, higher libido, more energy, and a large number of other advantages. While there are unnatural ways to increase testosterone through the use of steroids, there are also a plethora of natural ways to increase testosterone, such as sleeping more, lowering stress, absorbing red light, supplementing adaptogens, and eating a variety…

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Milk Being Poured into Cup With Coffee

Does Milk Increase Estrogen in Men?

The milk that is being drank today is far different than the milk that was drank 100 years ago. This is because the cows that are currently producing milk are modified to be able lactate through the entirety of their pregnancy. The problem with this extended period of lactation is that during the latter half of a cows pregnancy its estrogen levels increase up to 34 times the amount that they normally would be during when they naturally could…

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Bowl with Oatmeal and Blueberries

Top 10 High Volume Foods For a Cutting Diet

When cutting, the largest challenge often faced is the feeling of hunger. If you are constantly hungry, this will make being on low calories much more difficult. It is important to stick to your calories in order to lose fat but some may struggle with not going over their calories due to not feeling full. Volume eating can solve this problem by filling you up with high volume foods that are not high in calories. When eating high volume…

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Close Up of Protein Being Poured into Shaker

The Amount of Protein Needed For Muscle Growth

The amount of protein that is needed for muscle growth is constantly debated about and fuels one of the largest sources for myths in the fitness and supplement industries. The reason for the confusion over optimal protein intake is that there is a confliction between studies and recommendations from trainers and fitness experts. Most studies that are done on protein intake are designed to find what the minimum amount of protein needed is for people to stay out of…

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Tupperware With Chicken and Brocolli

How To Meal Prep For Muscle Gains

A common practice among serious weightlifters and bodybuilders is to meal prep. Meal prep is the practice of cooking and preparing the meals for the rest of the week before the week begins so you don’t have to cook on each individual day and it’s easier to stick to calories. This method of prepping meals is an easy way to streamline the process of tracking calories, hitting macros, and making food by doing it all at once on only…

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Food on Table

Volume Eating with Foods That Make Cutting Easier

Volume eating is a method of selecting and consuming foods that are high in volume without a high calorie requirement. By using volume eating, you can eat large amounts of food without increasing your calorie intake significantly. Since these foods are high volume and low on calories, you will be filled up more than if you had eaten other, low volume foods that contained the same amount of calories in them. Most high volume low calorie foods are high…

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