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Low Price Gym Equipment 2020

Low price gym equipment is the key to keeping and making gains in 2020. Even if you are able to use a gym, owning transportable equipment is convenient for moving, traveling, and having the ability to train without leaving the house.

Before you spend hundreds on dumbbells, benches, and squat racks, take a look at these items which are all very inexpensive and give you the ability to do many different exercises in your home.

The following are going to be the best low price pieces of gym equipment with multifunctional abilities that will add value and variance to your workouts.

Resistance Bands

The first piece of exercise equipment that is low-cost and great for training at home is the resistance band.

Resistance bands are great because they act as a flexible substitute for weights. You can choose how much resistance the bands supply by where you grab them. You can also manipulate their resistance by selecting the weight of resistance of the bands themselves. A set of weights will often cost $200-300 if they are cheap. A resistance band however will most often cost less than $20 while still enabling a similar set of exercises that could be done with weights.

Resistance bands give the more access to different exercises than other piece of its equipment for its price. For a demonstration of all possible resistance bands exercises, watch this.

Currently the best resistance bands to buy in terms of overall quality and price are from DynaPro. Click here to see their price.

While there are cheaper resistant bands out there, these ones by Dynapro are durable and will likely last longer than cheaper bands, ultimately making them the most low cost and functional bands. These also come in different levels of resistance, I recommend 25-30 pounds since this resistance can always be increased by holding the band a different length.


Following resistance bands, sliders are another great low cost piece of gym equipment to buy.

Exercise sliders are ideal for home gym equipment because, like resistance bands, they’re versatile, easy to use, and serve multiple functions. There are many exercises you can do with sliders but the mains ones that make sliders a good piece of equipment are chest fly’s, hamstring curls, and lunges.

Chest fly’s are done with one slider in each hand, lowering your bodyweight to the floor by sliding your hands apart then bringing them together, contracting your chest and using your bodyweight as resistance. These will be able to substitute in place of fly’s with a machine or bench and dumbbells.

Hamstring curls are done with your back on the floor and one foot on each slider. Bring your feet up toward your body contracting your hams and glutes. This exercise is very similar to hip raises and can be done in combination with a medicine ball for roughly the same muscle fiber recruitment.

Sliders are also great for hitting core and help hitting abs from different angles and more intensity. For a complete abs workout using just sliders, check out this video that demonstrates several different exercises using them. For other exercises using sliders, this video provides additional examples.

My recommendation for sliders that work well and aren’t costly are these sliders by DynaPro. They are able to work on all surfaces including hardwood, tile, carpet, and more. Click here to see their price.

Medicine Balls

After sliders, the next best low cost gym equipment is medecine balls.

Medicine balls are less expensive than dumbbells and can still be used for many of the same exercises. Medicine balls have a few advantages over dumbbells.

One of these is that they can be grasped by your feet easier, giving you the ability to do core work with lower body resistance. They can also be used for HIIT exercises whereas dumbbells are more one-dimensional in how many uses they have.

Medicine balls are great for abs and obliques but can also be used similar to a plate and curled or shoulder pressed.

For a demonstration of all the exercises which can be done with medicine balls, watch this video. For a sample ab workout using the medicine ball, watch this video.

My recommendation for medicine balls is to purchase this one, also by DynaPro. This medicine ball is grippy and inexpensive. I advise this medicine ball because it has a fair price and is made well so that its going to last.


Overall, for low cost gym equipment, resistance bands, sliders, and a medicine ball will total to under $100 and still provide a large amount of possible exercises to do. Some of the exercises that can be done with these pieces of equipment are resistance bands curls, resistance bands tricep extensions, slider hamstring curls, slider chest fly’s, medicine ball oblique twists, and medicine crunches.

I recommend DynaPro for all these pieces of equipment because I find them to be the best for quality and price. To visit DynaPro’s website click here. All the individual products I recommend by DynaPro are linked in the respective sections above.

Building a home gym doesn’t need a $2,000 budget, gains can be made without spending tons as you can see based off these three items.

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