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Longjack Tongkat Ali For Weightlifting

Tongkat Ali (Eurycoma Longifolia) is a plant found commonly in Southeast Asia. Among the locals, tongkat ali, or longjack, is seen as the most powerful herb for medicinal and wellbeing usage. The roots of tongkat ali grow 3-4 feet into the ground and are what is used for consumption. Tongkat ali is an adaptogen, meaning it works to help rebalance hormones and optimize the overall function of the body.

This herb has been used for thousands of years to cure male infertility, loss of drive in life, the common cold, loss of desire, low energy, and a number of other ailments. Tongkat ali also has a long history of use for athletic performance and has been used in many cultures as a way improve athletes and boost stamina in various physical pursuits.

Tongkat ali is regarded to be the #1 testosterone boosting herb in the world. It is seen by many weightlifters as a natural alternative to taking anabolic steroids or other compounds like SARMS. The reason herbs like tongkat ali are preferred over taking steroids is that tongkat ali and other natural herbs have less overall side effects and don’t shut down natural test production.

Some other natural alternatives to steroids are things like changing your diet by eating more eggs and exposing yourself to certain wavelengths. There are more natural ways in addition to these but not all of them work for all people.

While some supplements and herbs are more ambiguous to their effects and the validity of the claims made about them, that is not the case with tongkat ali. Tongkat ali has been studied extensively and has been certified through research to be effective.

Tongkat Ali’s Effect on Testosterone

There are over 150 studies which have been done on tongkat ali.

This study found an increase of 37% in testosterone levels after 4 weeks of taking tongkat ali. Another study on tongkat ali found a significant increase in free and total testosterone concentrations after 5 weeks of supplementation. A third study on tongkat ali found that it improved the serum testosterone concentration after 1 month of use at 200mg per day.

A fourth study found tongkat ali to have a substantial enough effect to serve as a substitute for TRT (testosterone replacement therapy) in men with lower than normal levels of testosterone.

These are all the studies that have measured testosterone levels in humans after taking tongkat ali but there are other studies which show the same effects occurring in animals.

The main mechanism through which tongkat ali is able to increase testosterone is through lowering the level of SHGB (sex hormone binding globulin). When SHGB is decreased there are more free levels of testosterone available for the body to use. There are more complexities than this as to why tongkat ali increases testosterone but this is believed to be the primary explanation.

Benefits of Taking Tongkat Ali

In addition to boosting testosterone, tongkat ali has a number of other effects. These include reducing stress, building muscle, improving mood, increasing endurance, improving libido, and decreasing inflammation.

This study found through compiling the evidence of all other available studies that tongkat ali can increase muscle strength, reduce anxiety, improve endurance, and decrease stress.

These effects are believed to come from the plant’s quassinoids which work in the body several different ways and have been linked to better athleticism and decreased anxiety.

How Much Tongkat Ali Should You Take?

The recommendation for tongkat ali dosing varies. Conventionally, tongkat ali is used at 1-2g a day. It can be used up to 4-6g a day and traditionally this dose range has been the standard for how much to take.

Supplement companies, in order to make money, will reduce the serving size to being 200-400mg per day and package their supplement as having 20-30 servings of value but this dose is not enough to truly feel the effects of this herb. The threshold for testosterone-boosting effects is really above the 1g mark.

There are side effects to be aware of when taking tongkat ali such as nausea, lightheadedness, and sweating but these are not common. As always, begin with a lower dose and work your way up, making sure to stop or reduce the dose if the effect is too great or if there are negative side effects being felt from the supplement.

Commonly, after the first few days of taking tongkat ali, higher amounts of energy will be felt and there will be a noticeable shift in your demeanor and libido. The effects build over time and reach a point of diminishing returns after around 2-3 months of use. After 2-3 months of use, it is best to take a month off before continuing in order to reset your body’s sensitivity to the plant and use it again optimally.

The best cycles to use tongkat ali in are 3:1 cycles where there is a 3 to 1 ratio of “on” vs “off”. This means you could take if for 6 days and then have 1 day where you don’t take it. You could also use it for 3 months then have 1 month off. This method is to make sure you don’t become used to it and dependent on its effects. This method of taking it will also maximize the effects from it.

Best Tongkat Ali Supplement

The best source to buy tongkat ali is from Bulk Supplements. They offer 100g of tongkat ali extract which is enough to supply up to half a year if you’re cycling on and off. Pure extract is the best form of tongkat ali so this is the best way to buy it.


In summary, tongkat ali is one of the most effective natural testosterone boosting herbs available for use. It also has a wide range of other benefits including better mood, improved sex drive, better endurance during training, less anxiety, reduced inflammation, improved overall drive, and increased energy levels.

The best dose for this herb is 1-2g a day. Up to 6g can be taken but the effects become apparent at 1g and, according to some studies, can even be felt at doses of 200-400mg. The best source of tongkat ali is here because it provides 100g of pure tongkat ali extract.

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