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Jolt Pre-Workout Review (2021)

Jolt pre workout is made by Braniak Labz and stands out as a DMAA-heavy, stimulating pre workout. At a large dose of 100mg of DMAA per serving, there needs to be a disclaimer that this pre workout is not at all ideal for those with any sort of heart condition or health issue that might cause a confliction with this pre workout.

Also, DMAA is a banned substance in the United States and is also not allowed by the anti-doping agency or military so it is important to be aware of the implications and consumption of DMAA in this pre workout and all other supplements you may take.

I can not recommend this pre workout explicitly due to liability but I can give a fair and accurate review of its ingredients and effects to those who are interested. This will be for educational purposes and general hypothetical use (for education), all decisions to consume Jolt pre workout will ultimately be your responsibility.

For those who do not have any health issues or heart problems that may restrict the stimulant intake they consume from pre workouts, this supplement should be fine and has a set of pros and cons for its use as a workout accompaniment.

Ingredients of Jolt Pre Workout

The ingredients of Jolt pre workouts are 100mg of DMAA, 120mg of vitamin C, 30mcg of vitamin B12, and 4925g of a proprietary blend. The proprietary blend in Jolt pre workout is named Extreme Power Blend and is formed with Beta-Alanine, Agmatine Sulfate, Caffeine, Taurine, Palmitoylethanolamide, and Guarana.

The Extreme Power Blend in Jolt Pre Workout

The extreme power blend is dosed at 4925g per serving so the individual doses of all the ingredients can only be speculated on but are likely in moderately high amounts.

The following is a list of the ingredients of the proprietary blend as well as an overview of what they are and what they do.

  • Beta-Alanine: a nonessential amino acid which acts as a buffer to lactic acid. It can improve reps-per-set, recovery time, and reduce inflammation. (For more details check out this post).
  • Agmatine Sulfate: a metabolite of L-arginine. It has been found to assist the CNS, improve cellular energy production, boost the effect of NO (nitric oxide), and reduce pain.
  • Caffeine: a natural stimulant made from seeds, beans, and nuts of various plants. It acts as a CNS stimulant, increasing alertness, wakefulness, and energy levels. It also stimulates dopamine and glutamate.
  • Taurine: a conditional amino acid that has a positive effect on blood pressure and the heart.
  • Palmitoylethanolamide: a fatty acid amide that has anti-inflammatory effects and may help treat pain. It may play a role in recovery from the gym but that is most likely only related to its ability to blunt pain response.
  • Guarana: a naturally occurring stimulant found in the berries of the guarana plant. It is one of the highest natural sources of caffeine and contains catechins as well which are able to function as MAO-B inhibitors. (For more on guarana, visit this post).

These are all the ingredients in Jolt’s proprietary blend. The main ingredients which have benefits for lifting are caffeine, agmatine sulfate, beta-alanine, guarana, and taurine. Palmitoylethanolamide is not proven to have any major impact on performance and energy levels, making it unnecessary for this pre-workout.

The DMAA in Jolt Pre Workout

Alongside its proprietary blend of ingredients, Jolt pre workout also has 100mg of DMAA. DMAA (1,3-Dimethylamylamine) is a synthetically made stimulant categorized as an amphetamine analogue.

There is a great deal of dispute over DMAA as a workout supplement. DMAA rose to fame with its inclusion in the original Jack3d pre workout. This pre workout got banned and several other pre workouts cropped up in its place, all containing similar blends. Eventually, most of these pre workouts were banned as well, creating a small number of circulating DMAA-containing supplements that still are able to be purchased.

DMAA is a FDA banned substance due to the side effects it has, the fact that it doesn’t occur naturally, and the death of two US soldiers who died after taking workout supplements containing DMAA.

There are a multitude of risks associated with DMAA and I urge everyone to do their own research before consuming any chemical, especially those that are questionable such as this one.

Some of the side effects from DMAA are: nervousness, increased blood pressure, risk of heart attack, difficulty breathing, shaking, anxiety, chest pains, dizziness, and increased risk of stroke.

All of these side effects are compounded by other stimulants. There are two other stimulants in Jolt pre workout, caffeine and guarana. The dosages of caffeine and guarana are not known since they are in a proprietary blend. The combination of DMAA, caffeine, and guarana is not safe and should be evaluated fully by every individual prior to consumption.


Ultimately, I would not recommend Jolt pre workout. This is because there are possible adverse effects from the DMAA and other stimulants. It can be effective as a gym supplement due to its ingredients in the proprietary blend but since the dosages are not known, it would be more ideal to simply buy the ingredients themselves rather than trust a company to find the perfect ratio for you.

If you are interested in Jolt pre workout, the best price online is here at Mr. Nutrition for $30.

Many of the ingredients that make Jolt pre workout effective can be purchased on their own. Purchasing these ingredients on their own is more cost-efficient and allows you to control the amount of each substance you are taking.

The best place online to purchase individual substances in bulk to make your pre workout mix is at Bulk Supplements. Bulk Supplements sells the highest quantities of supplements at the best prices without sacrificing quality.

The ingredients that are beneficial for lifting in this preworkout are Beta-alanine, Agmatine Sulfate, caffeine, and guarana. Beta-alanine can be purchased for $20 for 500g here. Agmatine Sulfate can be purchased for $25 for 250g here. Caffeine can be purchased for $12 for 100 200mg capsules here. Guarana can be purchased for $20 for 250g here.

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