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Man Doing Chest Exercises at Home

The Best Chest Exercises To Do at Home

As this is being written, COVID-19 is still prevailing over much of the world and while many gyms are open, there currently is not a vaccine nor substantial enough decrease in cases for lifting at a gym to be worth it for some people. Regardless of wether or not the world is in the throes of a pandemic, at home chest exercises are still great to know for vacations, when moving to a new town, if you don’t attend…

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Close up of Forearm

The Best Forearm Isolation Exercises for Growth

A common debate among weightlifters is wether or not forearm isolation exercises are necessary. On one side of this dispute, compound exercises like the deadlift and pull-up are excellent at stimulating forearm growth while also working out larger muscle groups as well. Deadlifts have the capacity to workout the quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes, lower and upper back, traps, and biceps, as well as forearms. Since exercises like the deadlift are so great at hitting multiple muscle groups some may opt…

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Man Training at Gym

The Best Number of Days Per Week To Train

Advice on the best number of days per week to train tends to vary. Some stress the dangers of training too often and emphasize the need for rest days while others believe in hard work and a rigorous no-days-off routine. For most people who go to the gym, life outside of fitness tends to complicate what would be well-structured routines. Many may not have all days of the week available to them or may be frequently faced with how…

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