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Young Man Showing Off Abs Through Unbuttoned Shirt

How To Get a Smaller Waist as a Man

A slim waist is a much sought after component of the male physique. The smaller your waist is, the more aesthetic and muscular you look. A smaller waist enhances your physique by improving the shoulders-to-waist ratio. The shoulders-to-waist ratio is generally one of the first things noticed about your body and has been found by studies to be one of the single most attractive physical characteristics of a man. For bodybuilders, a slim waist will elevate the results of…

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Protein Bars on Counter at Gym

Can Eating During Your Workout Help Build Muscle?

What to eat, when to eat, and how much to eat can be a source of confusion for many people. There are many diets that claim to increase your health and energy, and eating advice experts who claim to have all the answers to your individual dietary troubles. From intermittent fasting to no-carb dieting, it can be hard to discern what actually is beneficial to eat and why. The solution to this challenge, as well as to most other…

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Man at Gym Doing Back Squats

Which Is Best? Back Squat vs. Goblet Squat vs. Front Squat

Workouts are generally sorted into push, pull, and legs. Push workouts activate the chest, shoulders, and triceps using the bench press, shoulder press, and a tricep isolation exercise. Pull workouts activate the back, traps, rear delts, and biceps using the deadlift, row, and a bicep isolation exercise. And leg workouts activate the quads, hamstrings, glutes, and calves using the squat, leg extension, leg curl, and calf raise. Of course, there are other exercises to hit all these muscles but…

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Man Doing Shoulder Presses at Gym

How Long Should a Workout Last For Building Muscle?

How long a workout should last is regularly debated. There are some people who say that workouts should be 45 minutes long and others who say that 3 hours is more aligned with what they need. Those who argue for shorter workouts, between 30 min-1 hour, usually reason that since cortisol increases after 1 hour of training and high intensity workouts do not require several hours to do, training efficiently for around 45 minutes is optimal for making gains….

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Resistance Bands Hanging on Rack

Resistance Band Arm Workouts For Men

Resistance bands are one of the best alternatives to weights for providing resistance during workouts. While weights are easy to use and effective for training, resistance bands have several advantages such as providing consistent tension and being easy to transport. If you workout at home or want to maintain you muscle while traveling, resistance bands are a cost-efficient tool for accomplishing those goals. One of the best areas that resistance bands can be used for is arm workouts. Isolating…

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Desk with Laptop and Mug That Says Hustle

Examples of SMART Short-Term Weightlifting Goals

The best way to achieve anything is to set goals. In order to be successful, there needs to be order in how you decide what to pursue and how much time you give yourself to obtain it. Setting short-term weightlifting goals is a good way to stay on track with reachable deadlines. One of the best methods for setting obtainable goals is by using “SMART goals”- a system that categorizes the different elements of an objective so that you…

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Shirtless Muscular Man at Gym

How Much Muscle Can You Gain in 3 Months?

When people set fitness goals, they are often made in the context of time. By having deadlines attached to your goals, you will have more motivation and be able to track the progress you’re making better. Some common times that are used for setting goals are at 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, and 1 year. To make and hit your goals for these increments of time, it is important to have realistic expectations for what is possible to…

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Weightlifter Foam Rolling

The Benefits of Foam Rolling For Weightlifters

Along with using saunas, taking ice baths, and consuming protein, foam rolling is a very common method for decreasing muscle soreness, or DOMS, and speeding up the recovery process. The general theory behind foam rolling, also called self-myofascial release, is that by “rolling” out the muscle, you can release knots in the muscle that develop from training. These knots left to their own impede muscle growth and recovery, according to foam roller advocates, and they require due attention via…

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Large Wooden Sauna

Do Saunas Improve Muscle Recovery?

Many weightlifters swear by the ritual of partaking in long sauna sessions following training. Sitting in a sauna after workouts is believed to increase growth hormone, flush out toxins, prevent protein aggregation, improve circulation, elevate neurogenesis, and slow aging. Saunas are also often used simply because they feel good. Just like warm baths and being outside under the sun, sitting in a sauna is a physically enjoyable experience. This feel-good sensation from being warm, according to studies, is caused…

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Weightlifters Stretching Outside with Cityscape in Background

The Best Daily Stretches For Weightlifters

Stretching is an underrated aspect of fitness and building muscle. Neglecting stretching and mobility training is one of primary causes of injury from working out. Mobility increases the range of motion of your joints and stretching increases the lengths of muscles. Increasing both mobility and flexibility will improve your workouts, recovery, and strength. The difference between mobility and flexibility is that mobility improves the ability of the body to go through movements and flexibility increases what length a muscle…

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